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    things getting heated in the mango chat

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  2. sumatran tigers are going extinct and i think i might be having a tiny breakdown about it <:’C

    i feel this horrible tightness in my chest and my heart feels like it’s on fire and my stomach is in knots

    i feel like i’m on the verge of tears but i’ve already cried and don’t wanna do it again, i can’t cry over the same things over and over but…

    this really hurts

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  5. i want to try and explain my personal otherkin connections

    to me it’s a spiritual experience. my psyche is hooked into my kintypes, and i feel it mentally but also deeply in my soul. i feel partially non-human, though.
    i identify as all three tiger, vampire, and human.
    i have each as apart of my heart.

    i do experience phantom limbs and i have a strong mental feel for them and control over them (even though they are useless in the long run, they feel nice) but i have experienced so many phantom limbs like those that had nothing to do wtih otherkin things or my kintype in particular, so i’m not sure where i stand on them?

    but i know i feel intertwined with tigers and vampires
    i feel like tigers are my primary kintype, i feel they will guide me through my life and teach me things about myself i couldn’t find within humans standards
    and i feel like vampires are a more metaphorical version of that, maybe more representation of my feelings inside

    they are so extremely important to me

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    Ernesto Bautista - Masses [Masas], 2009

    Transparent lighter filled with blood

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    How I feel when I look at myself in the mirror every morning.

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