1. exhausted, covered in sweat, and still feelin p good
    and lookin finer than u


  2. im gunna share my absinthe with my fae friend! im so excited, if ever there were creatures who NEEDED to drink absinthe it would be the fae ewe


  3. pkmn59:

    otherkin are not confused or childish

    but we are confused about why our identity is such an issue to you even though we don’t impact your daily life in the slightest and you go out of your way to look us up on your own free will and still and say its our fault i think you’re the one with the issue here, buddy.

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  4. drinking brings up my fiery feelings
    alcohol makes the body feel warm and i am always looking for more heat
    i like the way it warms my lips, my tongue, my throat, almost burns them
    i love the way my body heats up, the waves of warmth simmering over me
    liquid fire sparks me

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  7. namelessnico:

    • Burn •

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