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    okay maybe i’m a little biased because i have always loved cats but i love felinekin okay they’re just so great image

    like you could make salmon for them or milkshakes and eat them together outside and have an adorable picnic image

    and you could go buy bells and things and make big toys for them to play with and you could get them those cat ears that move and watch the ears wiggle around while they play image

    and you could run your fingers through their hair when they’re sleepy and maybe if you’re lucky they’ll do the purring thing image

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    ''On the back please? Thank you .'' - by: SOphie Guillemette

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    Orange Siberian Tiger for Anon! i tried my best to keep it Siberian -Mod A




    Paw Necklace

    Hat with Ears (this is made by pawstar and i can assure you it’s good~!)


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    if you are any type of bigcatkin, you are a symbol of royalty 


  10. ultimatelypointless said: i'm agnostic about these beliefs, and if this world doesn't have a naturalistic explanation, then...spiritkin. i was a spirit of empathy & whoever's in charge of me thought i could do good work on earth. but it failed; i'm not empathetic in this life, and i won't be able to be a helper here. who knows what my future holds. what's your kinstory?

    !!! :o

    that’s so interesting, i love hearing about everyone’s kintypes oh no that’s so cool but at the same time i’m sorry you feel unfulfilled :c you ARE amazing and you CAN help, i promise! all you have to do is put effort into someone and they will appreciate you /)owo/)

    but… i don’t think i actually have a kinstory? i don’t believe i was reincarnated or anything ;w;”’
    my otherkin beliefs are directly related to THIS life, THIS spiritual experience
    i’m looking to understand who i am NOW, who i’m meant to be HERE

    if that makes any sense <:’D