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  6. kin-experiences:

    36. Tearing through a raw steak while everyone else stares at you.

    Submitted by @flowersfordinah

    Mod Note: Careful when eating under cooked meat. Don’t want anyone getting sick.

    (via theredrock-itman)

  7. kin-experiences:

    50. When you can’t have a normal sleep schedule because you’re suppose to be nocturnal or crepuscular.

    Submitted by Anonymous.

  8. kin-experiences:

    68. Trying to find shelter from the sun during sunny days because you know very well that sunlight is harmful to you.

    Submitted by Anonymous.

  9. kin-experiences:

    115. Wondering how the hell you’re alive after being exposed to sunlight. Oh yeah. Human body.

    Submitted by chubbytherian

  10. kin-experiences:

    117. Feeling the urge to run quickly outdoors and being frustrated when you can’t move as fast and stealthily as your kintype.

    Submitted by Anonymous.

    (Also, this person added “You’re doing a great job with your blog, by the way :D”

    I’m not doing anything special here, just tossing the submissions on graphics and queuing them up. That’s literally it…)