stop everything.
I’m so in love.


stop everything.

I’m so in love.

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Yo. i'm TJ. 21/male/New Jersey/hellasexual
and i run my blog MY WAY, MOTHERFUCKER.
--if ur looking for some support and encouragement, check out my BIG BRO TJ tag.--
i try to keep this info extremely up to date and accurate, if u have any questions or doubts my askbox is always open and anon will NEVER be turned off.
im a work in progress and so is my blog, please be patient with me ;w;
i post a shit ton of whatever interests me uwu
TIGERS and VAMPIRES are extremely important to me. as a paranormal enthusiast im also in love with creepy things.
if u want to know more of the things i adore and post check the "Tag of Interest page" but heres a bunch of shit to give u some idea owo
~*SNK*~ is gr8 so currently thats p much my biggest fandom??? but i also adore Shameless (US), Persona 3 & 4, Homestuck, OFF, Bioshock, WTNV, SPN, True Blood, Hannibal (and p much anything Lecter related), Friends, Sex and the City, IM A HUGE SUCKER FOR ROMCOMS IN GENERAL, Buffy (first fandom never dies) and a whole fuckin bunch of other shit; along with music video games, gore, killers, movie stuff, a lot of fuckin anime, shit i think is funny, and god only fuckin knows what else. i curse a lot and this blog is extremely *NSFW* at times. also i'm really bad at tagging ANYTHING in any sort of useful way despite actually trying to keep it sorted [i try to get as much of the triggering stuff as i can and u can ALWAYS ask me for custom tags for shit too but sometimes im just stupid and i miss things SO PLEASE REMIND ME and i get easily confused about what even needs to be tagged in certain ways and stuff like that. i like to play it safe tho, i just know i'll need help with it, SO DON'T BE SHY IN COMING FORWARD TO ME ABOUT CORRECTING MY TAGGING OR OFFENDING/TRIGGERING U. but of course, then again! u will find a distinct LACK of social justice [mainly due to it constantly upsetting me] so i try to keep it as far from my blog as possible and maybe it will reduce stress for u as well [AS MENTIONED BEFORE I DO STILL POST GORE AND NSFW THINGS THO SO STILL BE VERY WARNED ON MY BLOG AND EXTREMELY SO IF U BROWSE MY LIKES. and posts about my emotions will [HOPEFULLY] be under control (i have a lot of irrational ones that i'd like to not spew all over the place). SO. i REALLY try to avoid being too negative because i like to give some good vibes to my followers, but i still make posts about myself and my life and the things that happen to me and all the people and things i care about, i mean it's my blog after all [MOST of these will be tagged "TJ'S LIFE" but i tend to tack that onto any text post tbh].
i find it very easy to offend people, even when i'm not trying. i come of as abrasive, i believe, but i promise i'm not TRYING to upset anyone [although if ur being an asshole i won't be sorry for making u feel bad about it]. if u contact me and i seem mean it's just because i have a weird serial killer vibe, i'm actually very open to new conversations. you're welcome and accepted here i do have horrid social anxiety tho so i'm sorry if it's hard to get things started, i still love to try!.
i love dicks.
my writing blog is HERE. i do NOT recommend checking it out.
and if you care what i look like heres my face and heres my hair since it changes a lot.

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